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Ozi Lala

Ultimate Combo

Ultimate Combo

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Swap Amba Sauce with Scotch Amba?

This is going to up your cooking and BBQ game to an another level. Get ready for a true Levantine Feast with these jars. Things you can do with these are endless.

Marinade your chicken, lamb or pork, even your vegetables with Shawarma Blend. Sprinkle it on fried eggs or dust your fried potatoes with it. 

Drizzle Amba Sauce on anything or use it as a spread in your favourite sandwiches, even use it as cooking ingredients to flavour your meals, soups and stews. Glaze or marinade your meat and vegetables before roasting. It will even elevate your baked beans on toast. 

Season and sprinkle everything from salads to mezze with Sumac and Pul Biber. Add it to your marinades and use also as cooking ingredients. They will make simple dishes like roast potatoes look good and taste exciting. 

  • 1 x Amba Sauce

  • 1 x Honey Harissa 

  • 1 x Shawarma Spice Blend

  • 1 x Sumac

  • 1 x Pul Biber

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